OCapN Pre-standardization Group


We are a group focused on converging and working on pre-standardization of OCapN. OCapN stands for "Object Capability Network" and provides:

The group does its work mainly on our GitHub page, if you're interested in joining us head over there for more information on our current work and upcoming meetings. The group is comprised of:

Feel free to join our IRC channel #ocapn on libera.chat (channel logs)

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on between and UTC. If you'd like to join us, find more information on the GitHub issue

Meeting Minutes

  1. October 2023
  2. September 2023
  3. August 2023
  4. July 2023
  5. June 2023
  6. May 2023
  7. April 2023
  8. March 2023
  9. February 2023
  10. January 2023
  11. December 2022